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-The Infrastructural City / Kazys Varnelis
-The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture: City, Technology and Society in the information age / Manuel Gausa
-Mutations / Rem Koolhaas, Harvard Project on the City / Stefano Boeri, Sanford Kwinter et al
-Tooling Aranda/Lasch / Pamphlet Architecture 27
-KM3: Excursions on Capacities MVRDV / ed. Winy Maas
-Atlas of Novel Tectonics / Reiser + Umemoto
-Anyhow / ed. Cynthia C. Davidson
-Performative Architecture, Beyond Instrumentality / ed. Branko Kolarevic & Ali M. Malkawi
//Far from equilibrium: essays on technology and design culture// / Sanford Kwinter
Operative optimism in architecture: OPOP / Manuel Gausa
Envisioning information / Edward R. Tufte
- Agenda: / Julien de Smedt Acchitects

Augmented Landscapes: Smout Allen / Pamphlet Architecture 28
Beyroutes: A guide to Beirut / Studio Beirut
New Geographies 2: Landscapes of Energy / ed. Rania Ghosn
Six Years of WORKac / WORKac


Iwamoto Scott – Hydro-Net
202 Collaborative - Algae balloon communities
Aranda Lasch – 10- Mile Spiral (Las Vegas Intersection)
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Front Studio Architects – Farmadelphia
The Highline, NYC – Diller Scofidio + Renfro