Phase II: Student Sites and Programs

Focus of this phase: Proposing a hybrid program that combines tourism and your infrastructural system, in an appropriate site area of choice. (The site choice is not necessarily a pre-existing infrastructural site or edifice, but could be a new zone that has potential for possible intervention).

You are to propose hybridization between an infrastructural intervention / solution and a public touristic program. Research possible intersections of tourism and infrastructure, what would an ideal hybrid program be, what is the scenario within which this hybrid program works; The scenario for this hybridization (how could the two come together, what sort of programs and public use can result from it, how would it affect the site) should be presented diagrammatically and should result in a preliminary strategy of your intervention. This strategy should involve innovative thinking of architectural solutions that could provide new infrastructural visions, those that are inherently ecological, and that provide other amenities for public and touristic activities.

Each student will then focus their proposal to a zoomed in site of choice. Your site analysis from the previous phase should now be tailored to become more focused to your site of choice, and should deal specifically with the micro scale of its context. You are required to extend your focus of inquiry by looking into other inherent systems operating within the context of your infrastructure and site boundaries (environment, social, cultural, economic, political, other infrastructures, etc…).

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