TRANSPORT SECTOR - research, links, images, comments

Team: Firas, Natalie, Siba and Wassef


- Mapping transportation hubs
- Studying the probability element (the service [ sir - vee - ce] phenomenon)
- The informal networks (mini -vans, scooters etc.)
- Physical Beirut (walkways, bikes)
- "Infrastructure as disabling procedure" (The ring road/Airport road case, Borj Hammoud, the port (beyond the highway)
- Perceived transportation (the time factor) vs. Abstract Transportation ( Distance surveys / geographical maps)


1- Time and distance
2- Beirut paid parking - private parking
3- Statistics m of highway and infrastructure
4- Probability service
5- Buses, vans, connex
6- Historical: Tramways, trains, old roads network
7- Nodes, decentralization
8- Macro, regional map
9- Proposals
10- Infrastructure as disabling
11- Security areas as disabling circulation
12- Noise mapping
13- Fuel & pollution

LINKS (The LCC homepage, the red and white privately owned Bus company, ya3ni mish ja7sh il dawleh) (Beirut's urban planning; "concentration of urban transportation along the main coastal corridor") (The old Railway and Mar Mikhael Station)